"Painted Angel Wings is a digital painting operation founded by me, Angel.   I created this site several years ago just for fun when I was 13.  It was a great way to house my creations.  Now I interact with a number of other sites to do commission work and enjoy creative expression!


My passion is art, illustration, and character design. My personality has always been enthralled with art and creativity. Often, in the past, even from an incredibly young age, my works were more for myself as a source of escape and entertainment. I find now that I am more thrilled by telling a story with such creativity that it inspires audiences (including artists) to think deeply and with refreshed perspectives. It thrills me to make a customer ecstatic when I finish a commissioned concept art piece.

I hope my future path will inspire and uplift others

and provide a catalyst for change with uplifting characters and artistic achievements that promote outward focus, kindness and courage.  

This site is just one output and creative energy outlet!  If you would like to say hello, send me an email through the Contact Us page."